Video Visitation

See our informational video on how to schedule a video visitation here

The Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office has transitioned from Securus to GTL for providing video visitation services to residents in general population. The service is available both in the lobby of the Roanoke City Adult Detention Center and remotely via personal computers.

Video Visits

Two types of visits are available: free lobby visits and paid remote visits. Free visits from the lobby are 20 minutes long and are limited to 2 per week per resident. Paid visits are billed at rates of $2.50 for 10 minutes and $6.25 for 25 minutes. To schedule a visit, visitors must register on and provide a photo ID. Approval can take up to 10 business days. Visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours but no more than a week in advance.

Visitation Hours

Note: Residents must check their terminals daily for upcoming appointments and are responsible for ensuring they are available. Missed visits will not be rescheduled. For account and billing questions, contact GTL directly at 855-208-7349.

Residents are assigned visitation terminals in their respective pods. If a resident is moved to a different pod, any pre-scheduled visits will not transfer and must be cancelled and rescheduled due to the terminals being pre-configured to specific pods.

For additional details, you can refer to the official brochure available at the facility.